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Evaluating immunological parameters in human fluids for diagnostic purposes in Tuberculosis.


G Gloria Guerrero M(1) A Luis Alejandro Aguilera Galaviz(1) M Aurora Martinez Romero(2) F Juan Manuel Favela-Hernandez(2)

1:University Autonome of Zacatecas; 2:University Juarez of Durango State; 3:Multidisciplinary Institute of Sciences AVICENA de Torreon Coahuila

⁴Instituto Avicena. Torreón, Coahuila. México

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTb), which causes human tuberculosis, an intracellular Gram-positive pathogen, remains a “hot spot” in public human health since approximately 1.7 million deaths annually and morbidity of 10.6 million. Most of the infected individuals remain asymptomatic during most of their life, while only 5 % develop active disease. A  concern is the continuous uprising in multi-drug drug-resistant strains (MDR). An issue that is the subject of intense research is how the development and improvements of molecular and immunological techniques can aid in diagnosis and better therapeutic treatments. In recent years, the combined use of molecular, microbiological, and imaging methods has given promising results. In previous work, we determined a set of biomarkers using microarray technologies. Serological reactivity to M. bovis or M. tuberculosis was also evaluated. Therefore, in the present work, we focused on assessing immunological parameters (cytokines, and antibodies) to measure the interaction host-pathogen and for diagnostic purposes.

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