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Education Webinars

The ESM board have launched a series of Education Webinars to connect and stay in touch with our membership. The webinars are organised by ESM thanks to a generous contribution from our sponsors, who have not had any influence on content of the presentations.

Next Webinar

Friday 17th February 2023, 14:00-15:00 CET

MIC testing, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing?

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Claudio U. Köser, University of Cambridge

Chair: Daniela Maria Cirillo, San Raffaele Scientific Institute

Sponsored by

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Dr Claudio Köser is a visiting scientist at the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge. His main interest lies in bringing modern microbiological principles to defining susceptibility and resistance to anti-TB agents. This work revealed that the WHO breakpoints for several first- and second-line drugs had been too high, resulting in the systematic misclassification of resistant strains as susceptible. He is working closely with EUCAST and drug developers to avoid these shortcomings for new agents.

View ESM's previous Education Webinars via the links below. The webinars were organised by ESM thanks to generous contributions from BD and Qiagen, who have not had any influence on content of the presentations. We thank BD and Qiagen very much for their continuous support of our society.

Series 2: October 2021-January 2022

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Biomarkers for incipient TB and disease progression and cure: today, tomorrow and future

Alberto Matteelli, University of Brescia and Brescia Spedali Civili General Hospital
Morten Ruhwald, FIND, Geneva

Unmet needs in screening for TB infection in high incidence/low resource settings: new tools and approaches.

Lele Rangaka, University College London

Series 2: May-June 2021


Sampling, Ordering and Logistics – the Keys of good TB diagnostics:

How to choose and collect the best TB samples and how to optimize ordering, reporting and transportation with the help of smart software solutions.

Harald Hoffmann, IML Red, Gautling Germany
Simon Tiberi, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

NTM (non-tuberculosis mycobacteria) Pulmonary disease, from diagnosis to treatment

Jakko van Ingen, RaboudUMC, Nijmegen

Three European healthcare system perspectives on TB diagnostics: setup and challenges in different settings

Florian Maurer, National Reference

Center for Mycobacteria, Borstel
Troels Lillebaek, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen
Natalia Shubladze, National Center for TB and Lung Diseases of Georgia

Series 1: September 2020

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Role and value of NGS in TB diagnostic and clinical management: today, tomorrow and long-term

Vlad Nikolayevskyy, National Mycobacterum Reference Service South, Public Health England, London

Watch video (you will need to be logged into your ESM online account to view).

M. tuberculosis drug susceptibility testing: Genotypic vs Phenotypic approaches: What and How, Advantages and Limitations 

Leen Rigouts, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
Stefan Niemann, National Reference Center for Mycobacteria Forschungszentrum, Borstel

Drug susceptibility testing and treatment of NTM disease. 

Jakko van Ingen, RaboudUMC, Nijmegen

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