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Interesting Reads

This page is intended to include links to highly significant papers in different sectors of mycobacteriology.


Each sector is under the responsibility of one or more coordinators. 
*** no coordinator is in charge because of two or more years of inactivity, candidates are welcome.


Proposals for inclusion of papers should be addressed  to the section-coordinator liste below:
- Basic Mycobacteriology (Coordinator: ***)
- Biosafety in the Mycobacteriology Laboratory (Coordinator: ***)
- Conventional & Molecular Epidemiology (Coordinator: ***)
- Environment and Mycobacteria (Coordinator: ***)
- Identification of Mycobacteria - Phenotypic Methods (Coordinator: ***)
- Identification of Mycobacteria - Genotypic Methods (Coordinators: ***)
- Mycobacterial Immunology (Coordinator: ***)
- Mycobacterial Nucleic Acid Amplification (Coordinator: ***)
- Mycobacterial Pathogenesis & Virulence (Coordinator: ***)
- Microbiological & Clinical Aspect of NTM Infections (Coordinator: ***)
- Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (Coordinator: ***)
- Non-molecular Diagnostic Methods (Coordinator: ***)
- Proficiency Testing in Mycobacteriology (Coordinator: ***)
- Resistance, Susceptibility Testing and Therapy (Coordinator: ***)
- Taxonomy of the Genus Mycobacterium (Coordinator: ***i)
- Veterinary Mycobacteriology (Coordinator: ***)


Are included in this web-page: 
- unpublished papers (e.g. standard procedures, etc.)
- published papers of which the full text (free or charged) is present  in PubMed or in any other official net resource. 


For copyright reasons,  PDF files of published articles, not accessible in the Internet, cannot be housed in this page.  

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