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Genotypic diversity of strains of  Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from TB patients from high burden MDR-TB country

N Ciobanu(1,2) A Codreanu(1) N Turcan(1) E Noroc(1,2) D Chesov(2) D Rusu(1,2) T Cohen(3) V Crudu(1,2)

1:Institute of Phthisiopneumology, Chisinau, Moldova; 2:State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Chi?inau, Moldova; 3:Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Yale School of Public Health, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Background. The prevalence of multidrug and extensively resistant tuberculosis (M&XDRTB) is a serious problem, having major public health and economic consequences in the R. Moldova. Drug resistance, particularly M&XDRTB are associated with genotype of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The aim of this study was the prospective analysis of the sequencing results of the strains and determine the genetic lineages diversities of Mycobacterium tuberculosis related to drug sensitive and drug resistance strains among TB patients on the high burden MDRTB country. 

Methods. We analyzed the results of sequencing of 4176 M.tuberculosis strains, isolated during 2010 -2019 years  from new and previously treated TB patients from different territories of Moldova. From these 52.5% (n=2191) were susceptible strains and 47.5% (n=1985) were resistant strains.

Results. The results ofr the sequencing  from sensitive strains: the  predominance lineage was Lineage 2.2.1 – 31.4% (n-687), Lineage 4.8 –18.8%,  (n=412), Lineage 4.2.1 – 14.6% (n=320) and Lineage 4.1.2 – 11.4% (n=249). Among the resistance strains were found two predominance lineages (95%): Lineage 4.2.1 – 48.3%, (n-958) and Lineage 2.2. 1– 45.8%, (n=909).

Conclusion. Lineage 4.2.1 (Ural) and Lineage 2.2.1 (Beijing) of M.tuberculosis are predominating among the resistance strains and significantly are associated with MDR&XDRTB.

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