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Validation of Capilia TB-Neo for identifying M. tuberculosis complex in culture isolates

S Chung(1) J BX Tan(1)

1:Singapore General Hospital

Tuberculosis is the second leading cause of death due to infectious disease globally, with an estimated 10 million people developing the disease annually. Central Tuberculosis Laboratory currently uses MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and MGIT TBc identification test (TBcID) to detect M. tuberculosis complex (MTC) in solid and liquid media respectively. As the Capilia TB-Neo can be used to detect MTC in solid and liquid media, we evaluated its performance with the aim of streamlining our workflow.

Among 15 solid cultures, Capilia TB-Neo was positive in 7 MTC cultures and negative in 8 nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) cultures that were identified by MALDI-TOF. Among 33 liquid cultures, Capilia TB-Neo was positive in 17 MTC cultures and negative in 14 NTM cultures that were identified using TBcID. There were 2 MTC liquid cultures that were negative on TBcID and Capilia TB-Neo - these were subsequently identified as M. bovis BCG by the GenoType MTBC test. Out of 10 non-mycobacterial liquid cultures, 7 were negative on Capilia TB-Neo and weak positive on TBcID, whereas 3 were positive on both Capilia TB-Neo and TBcID.

The Capilia TB-Neo had an overall sensitivity of 92.3% (24/26), specificity of 90.6% (29/32), PPV of 88.9% (24/27) and NPV of 93.5% (29/31). Capilia TB-Neo can be considered as an alternative test for identifying MTC in solid and liquid media as it is a simpler and less time-consuming procedure compared to the MALDI-TOF in addition to being non-inferior to the TBcID.

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