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Healthcare Workers and Migrants User Experience with Targeted Education Materials for Self Swabbing for TB Screening

R Codsi(1) S Paghera(2) R C Wood(1) A M Olson(1) G A Cangelosi(1)

1:Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA; 2:Copan Italia, Brescia, Italy

TB screening is challenged by a reliance on sputum-based testing and migrants’ hesitation to seek care. This study aims to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of targeted educational materials to guide migrants and healthcare workers in a non-sputum option, supervised tongue swabs (STS) for TB screening using Copan FLOQSwabsⓇ. TS is up to 95% sensitive when laboratory methods are used that are explicitly designed for swab testing. In order to scale TS for screening and population health we need users to be able to swab themselves effectively. 

This user experience study uses qualitative research methods with in-depth interviews and purposive sampling of migrants and healthcare workers  experiencing screening for TB infection in Milan, Italy. Recruitment began in March 2024 and continues until saturation among meta themes is reached. Hamilton’s Rapid Qualitative Analysis Method was adapted to summarize key findings.

Preliminary results from the first 4 people interviewed reveal the barriers and facilitators to using illustrations and videos to teach how to collect a valid tongue swab sample. All the participants reported that the video was the best option but that it needed audio narration. All HCW’s shared that the videos and illustrations would guide migrants to swab effectively. 

Study explored the usability of educational materials to collect TS for TB screening. Preliminary results indicate that illustrations and videos are acceptable and translated in languages of underserved communities. There is a lack of STS educational materials and health promotion campaigns that are targeted to migrants' needs. This is one solution to these barriers.


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