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Intermedica Center

Established in June 1996, Intermedica is the largest laboratory network in Albania, with 40 branches, 24 in the city of Tirana and the others in the wholeterritory of Albania.

This non-public health institution operates in the field of laboratory examinations, and it performs a wide spectrum of analysis, ranging from clinical chemistry, hormonal, immunological, bacteriological, to molecular biology and genetics.

Intermedica has almost 30 years of experience in human laboratory testing. A range of about 3,000 tests provides the required latitude and depth not only to complete complex case testing, but also to provide predictive risk information and monitoring patient-specific therapeutic regimens.

After almost 30 years from its foundation, Intermedica has become a point of reference for patients and other laboratories in Albania, thanks to the highest quality and accuracy of laboratory examinations.

Our services: Laboratory tests, Imaging, Ct-Scanner, Cardiology, Bone Densitometry, etc.

Intermedica Center Albania

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