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Lalita Ramakrishnan wins 2 coveted prizes

Top microbiologist Prof. Dr Lalita Ramakrishnan has won the 2024 Robert Koch Prize, only the fourth woman in history to have achieved this - plus the renowned Gardner Middlebrook Award.

Prof. Dr Lalita Ramakrishnan

The Berlin-based Robert Koch Foundation was set up in 1907 to bring attention to the rapid progression of medical sciences, in particular the fields of infectious diseases. The Foundation has multiple awards each year, the 'Robert Koch Prize' being one of the most important scientific awards in Germany. It was created as a means to draw attention to specific fields of scientific research - this year's being Tuberculosis (TB).

Lalita is one of the top research scientists in the field of TB, having developed many important tools enabling groundbreaking research into the disease. Currently a Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Cambridge in the UK, she has also just won the 2024 ESM's Gardner Middlebrook Award - announced at this year's Congress, where she gave a presentation.

The Gardner Middlebrook Award is a prize started by the ESM in 1996 in memory of Gardner Middlebrook, a renowned authority on mass immunization against Tuberculosis, one of the world's biggest killers. It is a lifetime achievement award for those who have given significant contribution to Mycobacteriology/TB​. This is the 25th year of the award with 37 awards given so far. Previous winners include Graham Hatfull, Veronique Dartois & Phillip Supply, and Stefan Niemann.

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