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To mark World TB Day, Prof. Gerry Davis, University of Liverpool, discusses the time to positivity in TB clinical trials.

The European Society of Mycobacteriology (ESM) is a non-profit, international, scientific society dealing with different aspects of mycobacteriology and related diseases.

The ESM is committed to:

  • Encourage the highest standards for research to facilitate the discovery of new knowledge

  • Coordinate and provide information and expertise on mycobacteriology to other organizations worldwide 

  • Disseminate knowledge on all aspects of mycobacteriology an related diseases, through scientific meetings and publications

  • Encourage and provide the highest standards of training for interested health care providers 

  • Establish, review and revise guidelines

  • Promote high quality and cost effective diagnostic procedures

  • Advise, cooperate and participate with government and non-government agencies in matters of common interest

  • Participate in activities whose aim is to prevent mycobacterial diseases worldwide


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